Char Ranae Horton

One warm morning in August 2013, I laced up my tennis shoes and put on some workout clothes that hadn’t been worn in quite a while. I quickly packed up some snacks, toys, my 9 month old daughter and we headed to Wicker Park. That was my first workout class with FIT4MOM and after the first introductions and exercises, the nervousness wore off. I started to feel like “ME” again. Myself, an individual,.. separate from all the other things I was in life. A wife, a mother, a career woman with 2 jobs, 3 pets and a to-do list with the same things written on it for entirely too long. After the workout was over and meditation was done I realized I could think more clearly and I actually had a smile on my face. I talked to a few moms and they “got it”. The stories were familiar,... the teething baby and sleepless nights, grocery shopping long overdue, and all the juggling that needs to be done to keep things somewhat running in a household. I drove away with a smile of satisfaction. I had put MYSELF first today, even if it was only for an hour. My postpartum body would be thanking me later for the extra energy I had received, improved confidence in myself that I could do hard things, that I was strong, and over time my clothes would fit better too. I felt less stressed and realized that exercise has always been an outlet for me. It renewed my spirit and I was more “present” with my child afterwards. I thought, “what a great way to start my day” and I have been hooked ever since. My experience with FIT4MOM has been so positive and life-changing. I made the decision to get my certification as a prenatal/postnatal fitness instructor! I am proud to represent Northwest Indiana and I look forward to giving back to Our Village by instructing Fit4Mom NWI Classes. I look forward to helping YOU put your health first, and I’m pretty sure we’ll make some cool memories with our kids along the way too. In Stride, Char

Certified FIT4MOM Fitness Instructor/ Stroller Strides Certified/ Fit4Baby Certified/ Adult/Child/Infant/CPR/AED Certified

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