40 ideas to BEAT cabin fever!

We all know that motherhood takes a village, this list is a compilation of many Chicago mama’s ideas! Thank you to all who contributed!

  1. Blow bubbles outside and watch them freeze

  2. Bring enough snow inside and put on a tray to make little snowmen.

  3. Give your kiddo a pile of snow and watercolors to paint the snow

  4. If you have pipe cleaners and Borax try these crystallized snowflakes (full link here

  5. Give your kiddo a colander upside down and pipe cleaners. They can stick the pipe cleaners in the holes and bend them every which way (great for gross motor skills!).

  6. Use white glue and make your child’s name, shapes, or just dots around paper and then let them glue cereal, goldfish crackers, or any little objects to their paper.

  7. Go on an ABC photo scavenger hunt with your kids and then turn it into a photobook

  8. Make crayons from broken crayons- we are making ours heart shaped and getting a jump on Valentine’s for our friends

  9. Board games

  10. Make paper bag puppets, sock puppets and then put on a puppet show

  11. Make snow ice cream

  12. Build an obstacle course

  13. Build a fort and read books in it, play games, nap…just move in for the day

  14. Make race tracks with masking tape on the kitchen floor and race your cars or trains

  15. Make pictures for friends/family and get them ready to mail- have the kiddos put the stamps on

  16. Bag of balloons- enough said

  17. Dance Party

  18. Bubble bath

  19. Take a bath and paint with water colors (my girls had fun painting eachother too!)

  20. Take a Styrofoam cup and punch holes in it- raid your craft bin and use pom pom’s or cotton balls and try to poke them through the holes

  21. Bake something yummy- chewy granola bars, cookies, brownies

  22. Set up your camping tent inside the house

  23. Shaving cream snow ball fight

  24. Snowball fight with shower puffs

  25. Make paper snowflakes and decorate the house

  26. Make homemade playdough (we added glitter to ours for some extra fun)

  27. Facepaint

  28. Dried bean sandbox- fill a big container with dried beans or noodles and give your kiddos scoops and cups to play with.

  29. Throw a cup of boiling water outside and watch it freeze

  30. Facetime other friends and family stuck inside

  31. Make a holiday card collage

  32. Flashlight tag

  33. Take a bag of solo cups- have your child build a pyramid and then knock it down. Repeat.

  34. Make a scavenger hunt, make sure to visit as many places in your house/condo as you can!

  35. Make your own finger paint

  36. If your kids are older, create a newspaper where you can record the events of the last two snow days- snow days are pretty hard to come by in the City- make a memory!

  37. Reuse packing material from the holidays- put bubble wrap across the floor and dance on it, or have a Styrofoam peanut snow fight

  38. Pack away the Christmas decorations….or is that one just for me?

  39. My personal favorite- have your kiddos help you reenact a Stroller Strides class- and of course you need to do the workout with them!

  40. And our final, most important idea- SMILE! You are making memories! Some day your children will be watching the News and they will talk about the Polar Vortex of 2014, and they will be able to say, I was there! But all I remember was being inside my house having a blast with my awesome mom.